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Presumably Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( will now drop its appeal against the licence denial at Escobal

In one of the most impressive volte face recorded by a mining company, this afternoon Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( decided that the people they insist do not exist. NR here, pay dirt line here:
"Tahoe wishes to clarify and specifically acknowledge the presence and importance of the indigenous peoples located in the communities near Escobal, particularly the Xinka."

Of course, IKN immediately consulted Owly on this, who commented..

...because that's how Owly rolls.

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, this is the very same Tahoe Resources that appealed against its Escobal mine licence suspension on the ground that they didn't have to run a prior consultancy hearing in the zone, and for the specific reason that there were no Xinca indigenous in the area of influence. Therefore, with today's official admission that the Xinca do indeed live and have rights in the Escobal mine zone, the only coherent position TAHO can now take is to drop its appeal against the rescinding of its operating licence and accept the Guatemalan legal decision.