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Thanks, Bobby!

Bobby Genovese and BG Capital Group just sent me over an RSVP invite for the Bunker Hill Mining bash at PDAC on Sunday. And that's a good thing:

Because we all need to remember that Bobby G is the biggest shareholder, is pulling all the strings on this vehicle and is also the very same Bobby Genovese facing criminal fraud charges from the US SEC for the way he pumped and dumped Bunker Hill in its last incarnation, Liberty Silver, for millions in ill-gotten gains. Presumably James West will be there, his partner in crime the last time around. Say hi for me, yeah? 

Anyway, all readers of IKN should get their tails down to the BNKR bash at the Hockey Hall of Fame (30 Yonge St) on Sunday March 4th, starts 6:30pm and goes on til 11pm. Tell the doorman Otto sent you, mmmkay?