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I have a question about Red Eagle Mining ( (updated)

They've mentioned it in Colombia in a Spanish language communiqué, so why has Red Eagle Mining ( decided to sue the government of Colombia to the tune of CAD$40m but not told the English language market about it? No news release and nothing in the annual filings out earlier this week, not even in the Legal Proceedings or Subsequent Events sections

Isn't a gig worth 40% of market cap a material event?

UPDATE: Thank you reader 'B', this helps explain. It begins this way:
"Red Eagle Exploration Ltd. has filed an application for arbitration under the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement to preserve its rights under the FTA, allowing the current discussions between the government and Red Eagle to continue." etc

As and XR.v announced their plans to merge (like divorced couples who get back together again) and the deal isn't going through until April 5th (then all the paperwork), it makes sense.