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My stars there are some dumbasses on Sinking Alpha, Victoria Gold (VIT.v) edition

Seriously, how the blinking flip can you write this in an anal ysis of a company...
"Victoria Gold will also sell a 5% NSR royalty on the future production from the Eagle mine. The royalty will be sold for C$98 million (~$75 million) to Osisko Gold Royalties.
 ...and then write this just a few lines later?
"At a gold price of $1,300/toz, the after-tax NPV(5%) was estimated at $442 million (C$567 million) and the IRR at 32%. However, after the 2017 tax rate reduction, it increased approximately to $460 million. As 5% of the gold production will be sold to Osisko Gold Royalties in the form of NSR, the NPV attributable to Victoria Gold's shareholders should be around $437 million."
Riddle me that again, Sinking Alpha mining expert Peter Arendas (who pretends to be a PhD)? You are telling me that:

1) You recognize Sean Roosen is prepared to pay U$75m for an NSR.
2) That NSR reduces NPV of a project as pertains to VIT.v by U$23m.

So Sean Roosen has turned into a source of philanthropic charity money for needy and deserving junior mining companies, is that right? I will therefore continue with questions:
Do you understand what "NPV" stands for?
Do you know where to apply an NSR reduction on a financial model?
Are you seriously this stupid about financials?
If you are this stupid, why are you trying to fob yourself off as an expert?
And let's not even start on how the capex blowout changes the NPV (hint; by a lot). If it weren't for the fact that there are people who are going to take your complete dumbassery at face value and invest in VIT.v on the back of your words, this would be funny.