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Ok, so here's the deal with that Lithium X (LIX.v) NR just out

One of my first thoughts was of Shakespeare, of As You Like It, of the character Jacques and his famous "Seven Ages of Man" speech, specifically the fourth age of his soldier who is, "Seeking the bubble reputation/Even in the cannon’s mouth." This is a ballsy call by Brian Paes-Braga and I admire him for that, because this NR goes above and beyond the necessary message and has him saying, "I say this deal closes, follow me". Not the others at LIX, you'll note, this is Bri-Bri talking, taking the helm, signing off the NR, making a full-on stand and that requires real guts because if it falls through now anyone buying into the rebound today will have a litigation field day, those with the right sized treasury chest can consider going long LIX on the back of prose such as...
NextView continues to finalize the debt facilities to provide the remainder of the cash consideration to complete the Arrangement and, if it is not finalized before the end of next week, it will draw-down on its funding commitment from Tibet Summit in order to fund the Arrangement no later than March 9, 2018
Key executives and other insiders of the Company have indicated that, since they are not currently in possession of any undisclosed material information, they intend to purchase the Company's common shares on the open market if available at prices that they believe represent a significant discount to the consideration payable under the Arrangement. a virtual no-lose trade. We also now have a clear Drop Dead Date in March 9th and that's a solid marker, too. Therefore credit where it's due, this is an example of what all CEOs are supposed to do and IKN applauds the leadership shown today by Bri-Bri. If the deal now closes this humble corner of cyberspace will be tracking his moves for the next 30 years. Mind you, if not...less so.