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Peru President PPK goes under a new impeachment process today

As from today, things hot up for PPK as the Peru congress is about to officially start a new impeachment (precisely called "vacancia" or "vacancy") process against the dude. The accusation is moral incompetence, it's again connected to the way in which he benefited from Odebrecht cash over a decade ago, this time they're linking it in with the way he's been bending the truth and using his presidential position in order to get out of the direct line of fire.

The process will need the month of March to unfold, but even now it's clear that this is a serious threat to PPK and the vote, which needs 87 of the 130 Congress members to pass and force him out, by my reckoning is going to fall somewhere between 80 and 98 and by the reckoning of a couple of the more vociferous Peru political watchers is already a done deal. And waiting in the wings is 1st Veep Martín Vizcarra, who has been given the nod by the main opposition party 'Fuerza Popular' as someone they'd support taking over the job until 2021 and according to plenty of sources has already been in negotiations with the opposition to form a cabinet of ministers which suits the approval of all. 

The LatAm-wide Odebrecht scandal may be about to claim its first true head state.