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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Torex Gold (TXG) drops". I wonder what goes through the brains of CEOs who try the type of BS that Stanford has been trying to lay on the market in 2018. "Hey, let's just confidently predict the best outcome and then pray it turns out that way?"

Second Place: "PentaNova (PNO.v)". Short and sweet, made a couple of you laugh (I have the mails).
First Place: "Impressively, Tom Gallo of Canaccord manages to analyse Dalradian Resources ( and blow his boss at the same time". About the only time I made an effort on the blog this week, mind has been on other things frankly. Oh, there was the post on Asanko, that had a bit of thought applied to it as well. Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Gallo will be pleased to note that his report managed to move the price of DNA shares from C$1.05 to.....errr...96c.