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By the way, this blog is now ten years old

I care so much that I didn't notice then remembered a few days later, now a third person has nudged me and said I need to celebrate the fact or something so here goes, better late than never. 

On March 11th 2018 this here IKN blog turned ten years old and I can even prove that. Here's a screenshot:

If that was a mission statement of sorts, then it's been more or less adhered to. Of course things have morphed because that's what happens over a long period of time; We don't do much economics stuff any more, regional politics is a minor input but still gets some play, the LatAm macro market stuff has all-but disappeared and for sure the blog has a different central focus, these days we're about mining stocks and specifically the fun and frolics going on in the junior market. But there's nothing above that's outright discarded, which isn't bad.

Another thing that's changed is the viewer count. Most memories on this are vague and I'd need to check the stats back office to get it right (uninteresting in the extreme), but I do remember a couple of weeks after writing that post how impressed I was how 30 people had turned up and read the blog even before the market had opened. A quick glance at the main Google Blogger stats backpage shows over 18,000 hits so far today (it's 10am) and we're closing in on 30m all-time views. Not exactly The Drudge Report, but not bad for what is and will always be a niche publication.

So anyway, happy belated birthday IKN, this humble little corner of cyberspace and above all thanks go to you people, the eyeballs that show up on a regular basis. I don't thank you people enough for coming over and that's remiss, if it weren't for the reception you give the blog it wouldn't be anywhere near the amount of fun it is for me to write it. So sincere thanks, IKN readership, you are greatly appreciated.

Okay, now for the next decade. Onward.