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Thirty million pageviews

From humble beginnings, IKN has now grown to where it's...well, still humble in fact because even now with around 25k to 30k views per day (on a weekday, weekends get quiet, and all according to Google not me) it's never going to get the hits gathered by Reuters, Drudge Report or one of those blogs of cute pets doing lovable things. Still, for the niche subject that it is, it's nice to report that IKN has just gone through thirty million pageviews:

the counter is down there in the bottom-right of the
blog, if you don't believe me and care enough

It happened a few days ago and I just noticed this morning, while fiddling around in the back office. I really should allow people to advertise here, no? Maybe Bobby Genovese, Stan Bharti, or Louis Lobito Little Wolf James would like to buy some space...