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Zinc One (Z.v) $Z.v: The problem with Elefterios Aligizakis is...

....that the dude has ripped off so many people in the junior world over the years. Not just smallfry either, we are talking about a man who has conned rich and powerful people out of many millions of dollars. So now his sworn enemies with serious cash know that Elefterios Aligizakis, aka Larry The Greek is the main bankroll behind both Zinc One (Z.v) and the den of nefarious pumping known as Future Money Trends, everything and anything that gets reco'd by Daniel 'Davidoff Cigar' Ameduri is going to be shorted to kingdom come and blasted into smithereens. Starting with Z.v, of course:

You have been warned, ladies and gentlemen. Ameduri's gig is well and truly over.