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Mexico sees political candidates murdered in droves (from IKN468)

July 1st is the election day and we're likely to see more candidates for election assassinated between now and then. This from IKN468, last Sunday:

Mexico: Politics is also dangerous

According to reliable Mex media source Milenio (18), since September when the campaigning started for this year’s Presidential, National and municipal elections there have been 19 murders of candidates. This includes a candidate for a local mayor’s position on Friday in Guanajuato State who was shot dead while canvassing people in the town’s local park, also three others in the seven days before that (State of Mexico, Guerrero and Chihuahua).

Add this to the approximate 70 murders per day (yes, per day) rate in Mexico 2018, a rate that ratcheted up significantly when the now world-infamous “El Chapo” Guzmán was re-captured and sent to The USA. Be careful what you wish for, people.