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More Hidroituango dam news

Yesterday, this on the threat posed by 120,000 homes in Colombia by the potential collapse of the Hidroituango dam in Colombia. Today we read that this weekend things got a lot worse, as authorities first tried to deny to reporters then admitted that the main sluice into the dam has some sort of blockage and it's stopping the water from flowing through, With heavy rains in the Cauca region at the moment, this means dam water levels have risen to dangerous levels and are close to the emergency level (they're at 407m, the emergency level is 410m and at current rates they get there in two to three days). Read all about it (Spanish language) here, plus this Twitter feed of the reporter who first told Colombia about this and her facts we're finally ratified by the Dam authorities 24 hours later. Follow that Twitter for the very latest, she's doing fine work.