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The 2000 Guineas

Yesterday Saturday your humble scribe ticked one off his personal Bucket List. As a birthday treat I was taken to the 2000 Guineas race meeting at Newmarket and watched Saxon Warrior win the main event (amongst other jollities and yes, before you ask, I did manage to back the winner).

This explains the semi-secret about the blog's lack of posting this week. This is going to continue for a few more days as the people close to my heart who are with me on this jaunt have another destination to take me to, it turns out. Therefore a few more days of light content on the blog (while Twitter will remain slightly more active), but normal service here on the blog will resume in a few days.

I'll leave you with this, a breathtaking photo of Saxon Warrior winning his race yesterday. You can tell it was taken not by me but by a pro photographer, I'm somewhere in that crowd.