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A Novo Resources (NVO.v) request

As we had so much fun on Twitter today with this request, it's only fair that it gets an airing here as well. Here's how the Tweet went:
"Request for Novo Resources longs. Please provide either an explanation on how NVO gets to a 43-101/JORC compliant resource or if not, a reasonable path to production of enough size to justify current mkt cap. As without one of those, imo all long theses are pure hot air."
And unlike the thin-skinned pump artist "hhorseman" who thought this was all unfair and about him (more on that tomorrow), you should be clear that this isn't a loaded question. Yes, I'd agree that it's an uncomfortable question for longs because it brings into focus the obvious weak point of the whole NVO story, but it's in no way loaded. Experience has taught me that it's only the promo pump end of the junior world that shies away from the tough parts, companies and supporters of who tackle the weak points to the satisfaction of the world see their share prices and portfolio values really move up.

So quite seriously, I as a neutral on this stock (a well-documented position) would like an answer to this. How does NVO justify its virtual $1Bn market cap (those cheap warrants must be counted in)?
  • If it can put together a compliant resource, good because that may well do it. But how?
  • If it cannot put together a 43-101 or JORC compliant resource, then I can only presume it would need to go into production as stands. So what reasonable production scenario can value this at C$1Bn?
  • And if I'm wrong and there's some third way of placing a tangible valuation on NVO, then what is it? (because for the life of me I'm stumped).
FWIW and to try and help a little, some answers and comments on Twitter today show there are people in (or at least interested) this stock that don't really understand what company equity is.

PS: The "Because we think there are X million ounces" argument doesn't work, that's why third party resource counts under rules and regulations exist.