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The real meaning of "P.E.A."

In the mining world, the term PEA (English pron "pee ee ay", not as per the leguminous vegetable) is often used to describe a specific document related to a mine project at a certain stage in its development. But what does it really mean? This question came up yesterday morning, was bandied about in the inbox of your humble scribe by a few reprobates known to him, then made its way to Twitter (Spanish pron: "tuiteh") for further thoughts and polish. 

As a result, several options were discovered. Feel free to choose your own fave, esteemed reader.
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment 
  • Pre-Economic Assessment 
  • Praying (for) Economic Action 
  • Pecuniary Exaggerated Amusement 
  • Possible Economic Alternative 
  • Possibly Exciting Assholes 
  • Published (to) Entrap Amateurs 
  • Perfectly Executed Armwaving
  • Presumably Emotional Articulation
  • Probably Erroneous Assumptions 
  • Penis Enlargement Analogue
  • Post Excrement Analysis
  • Prematurely Ejaculated Analysis
  • Pumping Event Arriving
  • Placating Enthusiastic Anal-ysts
  • Probably Envelope Art