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Tinka Resources (TK.v) mailbag

Several interesting feedback mails from readers this morning on the Tinka Resources (TK.v) note out yesterday in IKN472. Good stuff and thanks to all that took the time, and one of them in particular got me asking permission of the author to put up here on the humble corner of cyberspace. Fortunately reader 'MP' agreed, so here we go:

Thanks for the thorough review of TK. I have been scratching my head on that one ever since the financing closed and it took another leg down. As a point of interest, I've watched broker 11 (Macquarie Capital) sell boatloads of stock steadily over the last 2 months. It seemed a odd broker to have an order of that size especially considering they weren't involved in the recent financing. Who knows the reason they got the order but as of today the have sold exactly 2.75 mill shs since April 18th via the various Cdn exchanges. Sometimes those nice clean share numbers indicate the order is filled. Maybe I'm watching the tape too closely but thought it was interesting. 

Yup MP you're right, that is interesting. Nice catch sir, thanks.