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Catching up with the Global Blockchain Technologies scam (BLOC) $BLKCF

Back in this post dated November 8th 2017, IKN made clear the scam that the serial scam artists Deslauriers brothers, aided and abetted by the crooks in suits at Canaccord, were about to unleash on retail saps who were begging for anything with "Blockchain" in its corporate title. The post included a list of the obscene amount of virtually free shares that insiders had given themselves and warned that while the idiots were buying, they'd be selling. 

Cut to today (and the US OTC chart is easier to show than the CSE chart, so that's what you get and in U$ terms):

This was no ordinary blockchain bust-out, it was a carefully laid scheme to sell mountains of near-free paper and make multi-millions of dollars in just a few weeks. And thanks to the toothless regulators in Canada, they will now get away with it all.

Further questions?