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Colombia: Minatura International LLC is under Interpol investigation

Word reaches these shores that there's a big operation going on in Colombia by Interpol (with the US SEC somewhere in the background because it's a Delaware registered company), in the advanced stages of investigation for fraud at Minatura International, a private company in the gold mining business and holders of many properties in Colombia. 

This may be the reason why Claudia Herrera, who was VP Corp Dev for a long time at Minatura, then went on to be Vice-President of the country's mining association as well as country manager at Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v), has been quietly shown the door at CDB in the last few days. And it's also interesting to see how many times the word "Minatura" comes up in other searches, for example here:
Pursuant to an agreement signed on 6 June 2011 and restated on 26 July 2011, Cordoba Minerals (then called Wesgold Minerals Inc.) acquired from Minatura International LLC (Minatura), a private Delaware limited liability corporation, an initial 11% interest in Cordoba Holdings Corp. (Cordoba Holdings), a private company registered in British Columbia, which holds indirect title to the Cordoba Project. The consideration was a payment to Minatura of CDN$2,030,000 in cash and forgiveness of a loan of CDN$2,000,000 for a total cash cost of CDN$4,030,000, plus issue of warrants to purchase up to 5,000,000 shares of Cordoba Minerals exercisable at CDN$0.40 per share with a fair value of CDN$400,000.

UPDATE: A representative of Cordoba Minerals told this desk that Ms Herrera is no longer with the company in order that she can focus on her personal issues, and that said issues have nothing to do with CDB.