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Feedback on mailbag

As is often the case, another good time was had by your humble scribe on opening his mailbox this morning, This time I'm not going to quote the mail in question verbatim (three swear words and the grammar wasn't wonderful), instead paraphrase and sum it up:
Dear Otto,

You think you're really clever. You wrote X in your blog but I know what you really meant was X+1, therefore I have perfect reply to your X+1 argument.

Two things to say about that:

1) This blog is not an instruction book on anything. It is not one of those "Follow me folks into the crazy world of stocks and shares! Listen to what I say and become rich!" websites run by charlatans and snake oil salespeople who spoonfeed you THE information you NEED. Sorry folks, it doesn't work like that. The truth is that this blog is nothing more or less than one guy spouting off on the internet, but if you really feel the need to find a deeper meaning to IKN consider it a list of hints and ideas that you can take away, think about, use as hints and ideas in order to make yourself a better investor of (mostly Canadian listed junior mining) stocks. At heart I do care about improving the quality of information on the subject and making smarter investors but it's Darwinism, not life rafts. This is capitalism in a free society and you have three choices; a) learn the easy way b) learn the hard way c) don't learn at all. I'm not here to save you.

2) No, I don't think I'm clever. In fact it's a constant source of amazement this end as to how few people have worked out how stupid I am about all this.