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Globalive Technologies (LIVE.v): Proven liar Daniel Ameduri and Tommy Humphreys get together to pump a BS junior...

..with predictable results.

The only thing I need to add to the post done by website Penny Mining Stocks on this disaster of a pump and dump, Globalive Technologies (LIVE.v), is the change in the chart price since that post went up on the 20th. It was already down 43% that day in the space of five weeks since its IPO (and downhill all the way) and had closed at 78c.

Now it's 56c. Bet those people who took Humphreys' advice and waded in on the opening day to the tune of over 4m shares are felling happy. The good news is that Daniel Ameduri promised us he was "going all in" on this stock, which means he's also broke as well as a proven liar.