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Pretium (PVG) is one leaky boat

In last week's post, "Pretium (PVG) ramping into Q2 production NR" dated July 5th, this humble corner of cyberspace noted unusual buying activity in PVG. The script went like this:
"An interesting move on an otherwise quiet day. PVG is about a week away from giving us its 2q18 preliminary production figures, too. No position in this one."
And here we are today, PVG announces a blowout quarter, the stock spikes 14% on the day (was higher at the bell) and it's now 21% higher than when that suspiciously well-timed buying kicked in:

And that chart is just the Canadian ticker, it's just as obvious on the NYSE PVG. As noted on Twitter this morning, somebody at the Brucejack mill has a nicely stuffed brown envelope waiting for them when they get off their tour. PVG is a leaky boat, in the future trade it accordingly.

PS: That's still true btw, no position PVG and not planning to change that. Playing liar's poker with the dirty end of the street isn't my idea of a good risk/reward balance.