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The Guyana Goldfields ( insider selling stinks to high heaven

Today Guyana Goldfields ( surprised the market in a bad way by posting very poor Q2 production numbers, with 28,250 oz produced when the world expected numbers North of 45k. Right now the stock is down a cool 20% at $3.86. They also canned the Aurora mine General Manager and brought a new guy (no pun intended) in. 

However, not everyone was as surprised by the bad quarter as the market was:

Insiders dumped shares in the lead-up to today's NR. And yes, alongside Patrick Seridan's 200k drop that really is the company's Investor Relations VP, Jacqueline Wagenaar, who exercised 16,668 of her $2.64 options and dumped them at over $5....just in time! Phew, that was lucky Jacky!

But hey, maybe there's an innocent explanation to this, so if you like send Jacqueline a mail at and ask her.