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The rights of a community to stop a mining project

So I ran one of those 24 hour polls on Twitter yesterday (and by the way, I'm enjoying Twitter this time around much more than I expected). Here's how it turned out, notes below:

With 129 respondents it's not a bad sample size, It's around 100 that we begin to get inside reasonable margin of error deviations, (at 130 it's around +/-8%) so that's quite nice.

We should note that the people who answer this have access to things like computers, smartphones, Twitter. They're likely to be market participants too, we're not talking about a broad cross section of humanity.

I phrased the question deliberately as a yes/no to the most simple question possible. By distilling it down, the people who see both sides of the argument and understand the nuance (which I suspect is most of the people who clicked that button) need to make a hard choice.

The 60/40 split is interesting. Feel free to have a think about it, too.