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Van Eck has been buying Atacama Pacific (ATM.v)

According to the RegF today, Van Eck (the ETF people) have added 4m shares of Atacama Pacific (ATM.v) to their holdings. Which is interesting, considering that next week the shareholder approval meetings happen for the merger between ATM and Rio2 Ltd (RIO.v). This from the SEDAR filing today:
As of June 30, 2018, the holdings of the ETF Business Unit over which VEAC has investment authority is 15,230,200 common shares of the Issuer, representing a security holding percentage of approximately 17.83%, assuming approximately 85,404,244 total issued and outstanding common shares.
Also interesting is how Beacon Securities has beaten all other sell side brokerages to the punch on Rio2 and opened coverage on Rio2 today, with a buy call and a target price of $1.75.