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Classic moments in fundamental analysis on mining stocks, Fiore Gold (F.v) pump whore edition

The guy under the handle of "Critical Investor", who is paid $20,000 per company by Frank Giustra to write up his companies in a glowing light and has been pumping Fiore Gold (F.v) all the way down its 2018 (and continues to do so), has just revealed the secret of his success. On the Fiore Gold board at CEOca, in response to somebody who put up the link to my post yesterday "The cruel reality of Fiore Gold", he wrote the following (screenshot):

Let's ignore the fact he fails to address the key weakness at F.v noted in my post of yesterday (the future and the strip rate) and concentrate on the phrase of utter dumbassery he just let slip from his brain. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, according to his paid pumper and Frank Giustra whore who will say or do anything to keep his benefactor's cheque book open, "free cash flow is meaningless in mining."

I rest my case, m'lud.