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The Nicolás Maduro "assassination attempt" in Venezuela today looks like a false flag set-up

I'm no conspiracy theorist either, to the point where I've been in arguments with people who insist the financial world, gold, silver, what-have-you is rigged by, the "Powers That Be", the Bildebergs or just plain "them". But I've watched the footage of what happened on the stage in Venezuela this afternoon a dozen times and the supposed assassination attempt sure looks like a set-up to me. Consider this for example, from a tweet I posted earlier after getting a batch of photos of the incident from Twitter then zooming in on details:

How would you feel if you were on a platform with your husband the President, Nicolás Maduro, he was under attack from flying bombs and everyone else seems to be staring at flying things and worrying about them? Would you be like Venezuela's first lady here, relaxed and smiling? No tension in those hands? However, what if you were one of the very few people who knew it was being staged? What if you knew there would be bangs and flashes, but nothing would get close to the stage where you were standing?

And then what about this? Reports that a social media campaign  set up by the Venezuela government and featuring our old friends the Russian bots and fake news boilerhouses was up and running almost immediately after the attack, hashtags and everything.Within minutes we "knew" the attack was via drones carrying C4 explosive, too. Really? They knew it wasn't Semtex or any other type of plastic explosive that fast? Also tell me how the people plotting against Maduro are technically proficient enough to kit out drones as bombs, evade security in the zone, fly them to within a few metres of the President and then manage to get the timing of the trigger wrong so they explode at a safe distance? Just unlucky I guess, but with multiple drones of which at least two exploded?

Then within two hours, Maduro appears on live TV to denounce the attack, tell the world that the first arrests have been made of the perps and that outgoing Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, along with "far right oligarchs" living in Miami, were behind the plot. If that's true it's impressive, world-record pace detective work. Also, at the same time reporters on the scene said that a small team of reporters had been taken away by police and not seen since.

And finally, there's the Cui Bono aspect to this. To say that Maduro is under pressure is an understatement and when that happens, there's nothing a quasi-dictator likes more than to wrap himself* around the flag. Forget your troubles, lack of food, medicine and the fact that millions of Venezuelans are now living as virtual refugees all over LatAm instead of where they want to live, "Look at me they tried to kill me! Viva La Revolución!" People are telling me on Twitter this evening that it was a failure, I don't think so. I think it was a roaring success, because the person behind this is Maduro himself.

*I choose "himself" deliberately, there hasn't been a female head of state that evil for several centuries.