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#DisruptMining 2019 is now open (plus details on the IKN entry)

Right now and until early November, the 3rd Annual Disrupt Mining Challenge is open to entries from all-comers and all sorts, with qualification starting on closing, the grand final at PDAC 2019 (as always) and serious prizes on offer, up to and including $1m in capital to turn your idea into reality. Go to that link for more, but in the meantime let's take a moment to consider the IKN entry.

As #DisruptMining is looking for novel ideas and initiatives in order to (and I quote), "...generate new opportunities to tackle the mining industry’s most vexing challenges", here's the plan:
  • Start a company that looks after its shareholders
  • It finds a project to advance that has a real chance of becoming a mine
  • The company then engages with the locals and builds good community relations
  • The project then moves to production and becomes a profitable mine

That sequence would be a welcome breakthrough in the business.