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A subscriber cancels their subscription to The IKN Weekly

Reader 'S' has kindly given permission to reproduce her unsolicited testimony here on the blog.


Subscription cancellation
I am taking a break from the market as my husband and I are starting a major house and garden renovation.

Thank you for your illuminating information regarding the ins/out and ups/downs of the stock market and the characters in it and their shenanigans.  These last thirteen years of my life 'investing' and learning how money goes around and by whom has been the most educational time.  Of all the 'money' people I have either read or listened to, you are the most honest and bravest to say what others who know don't. 

Please cancel my subscription.

Wishing you well,
(name withheld)

I will be stopping at your website now and then to catch up on the never ending story. lol