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Catching up with the Nick Hodge "Outsider Club" Millrock (MRO.v) pump

Back in early June this humble corner of cyberspace published this post on the BS pump being run by another of these Vancouver snake-oil salespeople, one Nick Hodge and his "Outsider Club". The choice of vehicle was Millrock Resources (MRO.v) and Nick Hodge (who happens to be BFFs with Marin Katusa, well there's a thing) was claiming a potential 25,000% return on the trade (seriously, that's two numbers and three zeroes, I checked before blocking this scampump dumbass on Twitter). 

So anyway, let's see how MRO has got on since then:

Down 54% since June 1st and even worse if you start counting from the top of that pump spike. And once again, consider the volume surge on the publication of the Outsider Club pump and ask yourself not about the number of greenhorns (now bagholders) who were buying that week. Ask yourself who was selling to them.