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Continental Gold ( Please name the fired executive

Today from Continental Gold (, sandwiched between two heavy slices of schmaltz, this:

With the goal of strengthening and reshaping our security team and protocols, the Company has engaged Control Risks, the world’s foremost security and risk consultancy, to lead efforts in restructuring our security department and reassessing our security risk matrix. The Company is also pleased to announce our new security manager, Juan Carlos Chacón, who joins us from Control Risks and has an impressive military and private sector background with a strong understanding of international standard best practices. In addition, the security manager reporting line has now been elevated directly to our Country Manager, Luis Germán Meneses, former Executive Vice-President and COO of Cerrejón, Colombia’s largest private coal producer and exporter and one of the largest integrated mining companies in the world.

Therefore the obvious question: Who has been fired from the company? Who will stand up and take responsibility for the shortcomings at CNL which resulted in the deaths of its employees? Where is the accountability? Why do you continue to hide the truth behind marketing, bullshit and paid-for puff pieces? The key phrase is in the first line; "With the goal of strengthening and reshaping our security team and protocols...", the logic is simple and cannot be covered by company-speak.
  • They need to strengthen their security team
  • They need to strengthen their protocols
  • Those items were, therefore, weak. Of if you prefer to play semantics they were "less strong", but it amounts to exactly the same thing.
  • Those weaknesses were a direct factor in the deaths of four of its employees. By the company's own admission, the security team and protocols were not good enough and due to that, people were unnecessarily put in harm's way. Four of them died.

Who was responsible? Are they still employed by CNL? If so, why?