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On how the real media picks up on Mark Bristow's dirty hunting habits

We note with interest that in the last few days both The Financial Times. The Daily Mail and the UK Daily Telegraph (i.e. real media, not grubby pissant blog hand their badly written crap like here and here) have run reports on Mark Bristow, CEO of Randgold (GOLD) and soon-to-be head honcho of Randick (ABX), and his penchant for shooting large African animals until they are dead. Then proudly posing for the cameras with the dead animal afterwards (normally behind the carcass, as it hides his erect penis. Probably).

Here's the FT report, entitled "Randgold CEO Mark Bristow has shot a lot of animals". It has the photos. It has words.

And here's the Daily Mail with its version (including the dead leopard photo, bless him).

And here's The Daily Telegraph with, "City boss on board of conservation charity pictured with slaughtered animals from African big game hunt". I thought this one was particularly good because it gets further comment from people who know the issue and gives lie to the hackneyed "shooting them helps conservation" shtick that big game hunters like to hide (their erections) behind. We quote:
The international wildlife charity Born Free was scathing. Will Travers, president of Born Free, said: “Mark Bristow is obviously fond of big numbers. His company, Randgold, just bought by Canada’s Barrick Gold, is worth at least £5bn. But there are other numbers he may be less willing to discuss. Mr Bristow shoots African elephants – there are about 415,000 left.
“Mr Bristow shoots African hippo – there are about 130,000 left. He also shoots zebra, antelope, gazelle and leopard.
“He will claim that it supports conservation and development but evidence suggests that only around 3pc of what people like Mr Bristow spend on their deadly predilection ends up in ­local communities.”

And don't forget that Marcelo Kim, John Paulson's Mini-Me at Paulson & Co, Chair of International Tower Hill and all-round arrogant fleabag is also a lover of this despicable pastime.