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Let us talk arsenic pollution and Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (

Here's a table from this guideline document showing the permitted maximum levels of arsenic in soils in various places around the world.

Japan looks pretty lax on this, but that 150mg per kilo level is under exceptional circumstances and normally, as the notes suggest, maximums before clean-ups have to happen are much lower. Perhaps a standard reading would be that of The Netherlands, which says that 76mg/kg is a severe  contamination condition. Meanwhile and not mentioned here, depending on where you are and what the ground is used for in the USA the permitted level max can be anything from 0.39mg/kg to 40mg/kg, but that's the absolute upper levels,

So, let's see what the Peru environmental authorities got from the sediments just outside of the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Shahuindo mine in Cajamarca, Peru this year, from a document that fell into the lap of your humble scribe just last night (full PDF available on request):

Hmmm....531mg/kg. And by the way, the Cadmium levels on show there are off-scale dangerous and even worse. And what about this table, showing soil sample results from the mine?

Big numbers are not always good, ladies and gentlemen. So how's the clean-up going, guys? That award-winning community team make sure it's all spick and span for the new owners? Gotta wonder if this is why Ferrari Kev was so keen to do a cut price deal with Ross Beaty? Maybe Pan American (PAAS) isn't buying assets after all, maybe they've just paid goo money for a liability.