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The Friday OT: Nils Frahm; More

Music to match the scenery of my week.

Normal blog service resumes Monday. Youtube here.


Your author's scenery...

...this afternoon.

Not shabby.


Posting will be light on the blog this week

For secret reasons.


The Abstract Art of Resource Estimation, by Joe Mazumdar

A couple of weeks ago, Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights published a rip-roaring op-ed rant for his subscribers called "The Abstract Art of Resource Estimation". The good news is that due to popular demand the piece has just been put out on the open internet for all to see by The Maz (along with his underling the Legendary Legend, Brent Legend Cook), free of charge. Here's the link, go use it.

What Peru exported in 2017

According to the SNMPE this week, in 2017 Peru exported U$44.918Bn worth of goods to the world. Of that total:
  • U$13.773Bn was copper
  • U$7.979Bn was gold
  • U$5.407Bn was all other metals (e.g. Zn, Pb, Mo, Ag, Fe, Sn, etc)
The rest was covered by everything else they exported, from non-metal mining goods like cement and gypsum, through its big industries of fishing and fishmeal, to popular exports like coffee, veg and fruit all the way down to alpaca knitwear and genuine Inca ballpoint pens. Everything, which comes U$17.759Bn. Here's a piechart to put that into context:

It's fair to say that without mining, and without copper in particular, Peru is royally screwed. On the other hand, the Sol (PEN) may well turn out to be a decent currency play this year as long as they can get the godawful political scene into some sort of shape.

A musical interlude

Sadly, it seems apt again. And it's a very good song. Plus it's Monday.

Youtube here.

The way biased media play with Y-axes on charts

On flicking through The Guardian UK this morning I came across yet another one of those "The Death Of Cash" articles, with its cause furthered by this scary looking chart in mid-article:

Wooo! Spooky, huh? Look at that peak! Look at it drop! It must signal the end of the world or someth.....oh wait, what's that Y-axis look like? Aha, so if we take the data displayed in that Guardian chart, open up trusty old Excel and put it into its true context...

...yup, it's media bullshit once again. In the name of the good and benign deities looking down upon us all, how I hate this BS trickery. And by the way, the chances of South America going cashless in the next 50 years or so are zero, but that's another story.


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