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In The IKN Weekly this weekend

It's time to make a decision on B2Gold.

The Friday OT: Royal Blood; Lights out

One of IKN's youngest readers reco'd this band tome this week. Some White Stripes influence in there, but also their own sound and plenty rocky too.

I like. Youtube here.

The recent chunky buyers of Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v) stock...

...are company CEO Mario Stifano, company CFO Cybill Tsung.

And the VP Exploration of Continental Gold (, Mauricio Castañeda, is buying CNL.

So now you know. I do not own any personally.


New Gold (NGD) and Eight Capital and RBC

What catches the eye isn't that Jacques Wortman of Eight Capital has cut New Gold (NGD) to neutral from buy (and a C$4.25 target price). What catches the eye is that Wortman had NGD at a buy rating for all this time. Hopefully he now feels as fcuking stupid as he looks to the rest of us.

But even that pales into insignificance next to RBC this morning, who actually think the changes announced last night are a positive for the company. Whoredom and organ sucking of the highest order, especially when you consider this company's bonds were still trading magically and miraculously above par til yesterday.


Jaime Pinto, fired by SEDAPAL

The crooked ways of Jaime Pinto Tabini, once of Minera IRL and forever under a cloud of abject two-faced lying and double-dealing, are now catching up with him fast. Due to the acceleration of formal State corruption charges against him he has now been fired from the board of directors of State water company SEDAPAL.

Jail time awaits this lying piece of crap soon. In the meantime, please reflect once again on the fact that the whole case brought by COFIDE against Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) rests on the testimony of one man; Jaime Pinto Tabini.

IRL gonna win so much they gonna get tired of winning, I'm tellin' ya...gonna be beautiful folks.

Shorter New Gold (NGD)

Nobody wants the job.

What was Rob McEwen doing... Colombia today?

Only time will tell.


Asanko (AKG)

Now U$1.38.


UPDATE: My personal AKG trade is now closed. From here it may continue moving up, it may drop, it may stay at this new level for a while. I honestly don't know what happens now, certainly don't care and will leave those questions for others (who often speak with the benefit of hindsight). I'll just enjoy the profits.


The 2000 Guineas

Yesterday Saturday your humble scribe ticked one off his personal Bucket List. As a birthday treat I was taken to the 2000 Guineas race meeting at Newmarket and watched Saxon Warrior win the main event (amongst other jollities and yes, before you ask, I did manage to back the winner).

This explains the semi-secret about the blog's lack of posting this week. This is going to continue for a few more days as the people close to my heart who are with me on this jaunt have another destination to take me to, it turns out. Therefore a few more days of light content on the blog (while Twitter will remain slightly more active), but normal service here on the blog will resume in a few days.

I'll leave you with this, a breathtaking photo of Saxon Warrior winning his race yesterday. You can tell it was taken not by me but by a pro photographer, I'm somewhere in that crowd.