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Your IKN statement on privacy policy updates and new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations in the EU

I've never cared about who you are, I've never used your mail addresses for other purposes and never will, so no changes here. Also, though I still get mocked by some of you for using blogspot and an old-fashioned URL for this humble corner of cyberspace I've always loved it here, Google treats me well and being under the Googlypeople umbrella means the policy update bunk they sent to you also covers me, so no need for another mail. All told, I don't give a flying monkey's toss about this latest round of Nanny State nonsense.


The Friday OT: Jean-Michel Blais; Casa

Montreal's finest pianest with his delicate and emotive piece from the album, "il".

Youtube here.

Breaking: Pan American Silver's Dolores mine in North Mexico overrun by narco gang last night

You heard it here first.

Northern Dynasty (NAK) will now Die Nasty

FQM pulls out. Quite right, too.

PS: We remind readers about Marin Katusa's pumping of this thing and all his "I've been in the data room" blather and nonsense. Now that has been in that same room and walked on this POS, what might that tell you about Katusa's true expertise and motives?


The light posting on this blog will continue this week

Until next week, when things get back to normal.


More Hidroituango dam news

Yesterday, this on the threat posed by 120,000 homes in Colombia by the potential collapse of the Hidroituango dam in Colombia. Today we read that this weekend things got a lot worse, as authorities first tried to deny to reporters then admitted that the main sluice into the dam has some sort of blockage and it's stopping the water from flowing through, With heavy rains in the Cauca region at the moment, this means dam water levels have risen to dangerous levels and are close to the emergency level (they're at 407m, the emergency level is 410m and at current rates they get there in two to three days). Read all about it (Spanish language) here, plus this Twitter feed of the reporter who first told Colombia about this and her facts we're finally ratified by the Dam authorities 24 hours later. Follow that Twitter for the very latest, she's doing fine work.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN 469 has just been sent to subscribers. Words and pictures.

Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( ¡Adios, Phil Dalke!

The latest from Latin American mining's very own self-crashing vehicle, Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( is that the general manager of its Peru operations Phil Dalke has "accepted a new position at HQ" in Reno and will become the Vice-President of Special Projects as from next month. If that's a promotion then Meghan Markle is an unlucky lady, as Dalke is the one now getting blamed by Ferrari Kev for the community, environmental SNAFUs at La Arena and Shahuindo in the last six months, plus of course the massively over-budget and behind schedule Shahuindo expansion program. IKN confidently predicts Dalke will be shown the way out the back door presently.

He's being replaced as Peru general manager by Steve Botts, a veteran of the Peru mining scene who's spent 20 years in the country at companies such as Rio Tinto, Antamina and up until last year, Marcobre (the Minsur/Copec JV now developing the Mina Justa copper project on the South coast of Peru). Since then he's been doing consulting you do. At least they've finally contracted someone who speaks the language and has interacted with locals on a regular basis in the past, perhaps he can give Ms Hofmeister a few lessons. In both. When she bothers to leave her office.

Congrats due to Gary Tanashian...

...for reaching the 500 issue mark with Notes From The Rabbit Hole, his weekly subscription newsletter which is now nearing its tenth birthday as a publication of utmost quality on the financial markets. A cool round number, take a bow, sir.

Colombia: 120,000 people threatened by a potential dam collapse

The Hidroituango dam project in the Cauca region of Colombia is a multi-billion dollar hydro-electric dam project that was supposed to go online in December last year, but has been plagued by problems for several years and has always been a bit of a white elephant in the country. But now things have taken a sinister turn, because the latest reports from the project show that the poor planning and design of the dam mean it's now under serious risk of collapse. High water levels over the last year have stopped emergency contingency works that would have alleviated the burden from being completed and the project is now making big headline news. For example, a technical report dated February this year states, "...geological and geotechnical conditions which have been found were more comlicated that estimated during the exploration and design stages", which is engineer speak for "We Are Very Big SNAFU".

At risk are up to 120,000 people who live down valley, including the town of Puerto Valdivia which, according to scientists and their calculators, would be hit by a 26 metre high wave of water if the collapse occurred. A good Spanish language report entitled "Hidroituango In The Hands Of Nature" (i.e. at the mercy of) with a nice graphic on the issue at the bottom of the page (for those who like lingua franca pictures more than Spanish words) is right here on this link.