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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

It's been a while since this weekend wrap-up post appeared, mainly because content has been sparse and light on the blog due to travel and visits and work and things. Last week saw a semi-return to normal rhythm however, so here we are again. reverse order:
Third Place: "The Marin Katusa Lucara Diamond ( pumpjob". This one will run and run. See also the follow-up post, "What Marin Katusa isn't telling you about Lucara Diamond Corp (", to get a better handle on just why this company is so keen on getting its PPS up right now.

Second Place: "Simple, two-step trading instructions on Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)". After this post went out, all the 8.5 dried up and 10c became the norm. Funny dat, innit?
First Place: "Being wrong about stocks, Arizona Mining ( edition". And thanks for the feedback on this one, people. Good mailbag, appreciated.


The Friday OT: Jon Hopkins; Everything connected

I'm going to evangelize this new Jon Hopkins album 'Singularity' until you're either thoroughly sick of  the subject or you cave in, listen to the whole thing yourself and discover its magical shimmering genius.

This is from the album, it's also a cool video.

Youtube here.

Canaccord trying hard to keep the lid on Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)

House 33 is throwing the kitchen sink at Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) this morning. They've given up on the 8.5c line, now they just trying to hold it at 10c:

One wonders why...

From here.

IKN congratulates Harry Pokrandt on the unrelenting success of his HIVE.v strategy

This remains one of my favourite things ever from the Giustra bucket shop, the day they brought in Lord Haw-Haw to justify the pre-sold covering move run by Giustra, Paes-Braga and Humphreys himself at $3. Ah but wait, they called it, "unprecedented action to cool share price":
"Management and the board of HIVE were concerned the climbing share price was unrelenting, according to a call with CEO Harry Pokrandt."
And since that special day of November 3rd 2017?:

It's been an unrelenting success, Harry. Well done indeed.

Mexico: 93 murders per day

This is impressive, but not in a good way:

Here's a segment from the report:
Much of the increase since 2015 has been attributed to organized crime, especially in areas where organized-crime groups are clashing or where larger criminal groups have fragmented into smaller factions.
Such fragmentation often leads to more violence as smaller groups compete with each other. Those groups are also more likely to prey local populations, adding to insecurity.

I don't know what a Failed State needs to look like, but surely it starts like this. So congrats once again for re-capturing and extraditing El Chapo Guzman, guys.


Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): What happens when 33 stops walking it down

It pops straight back to 10c.

Has 33 got the message? Improved its Lima DD? Knows what's about to happen? Or are they going to walk it back down into the close? Only time will tell...

Screenshot from here.

World Cup Fever

May get round to sticking a couple of posts on the blog this evening.

Orion makes a move on Dalradian (

It's not just the $1.47 offer that's interesting here, it's who is buying that really catches the eye. Private Equity in the mining space.


Simple, two-step trading instructions on Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)

1) Don't pay more than 8.5c for shares, because Canaccord (House 33) is sitting on the ask and will sell you any amount that you care to buy at that price.

2) But perhaps consider picking  up a few in the next few days, because the dumbass at 33 trying to walk down the price and keep a lid on it is going to get the shock of his freakin' life soon. A pinkslip beckons, you zero DD monkey with zero Spanish or any idea of what's about to happen to your sorry ass.

That is all.

The excitement builds in HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.v)

With just a few days to wait before those highly anticipated annuals from the Giustra pump HIVE.v, the excitement is building in the market and eager buyers are grabbing all the stock they can get their ha....ah:

Well, maybe not. Can't wait to hear what Frank Holmes has to say at the Conference Call, he's always keen and willing to talk to the bizmedia. What? No ConfCall programmed? I'm shocked!

Michael Ballanger couldn't avoid his day in court forever

Due to travelling last week this humble corner of cyberspace is a bit late to the story, but that's hardly an issue as the worm Ballanger has been trying to wriggle out of the hearing for months on end so a few extra days ain't no biggie.

In a ruling handed down on June 13th, IIROC did little more than slap the wrists of this corrupt and corrupting market player but it's still interesting to see the details of the case. As expected, it was all about his dirty dealings in shares of Tinka Resources (TK.v) back in 2014 when he thought he was important and for more, see the ruling PDF right here.

Sadly IIROC is a weak entity and only fined the toerag $15,000 (if this sort of shenanigans happens on US SEC turf, Ballanger would have chance to get intimate with Bubba in the lock-up showers) and barred him for a nominal year from the industry, but there is good news as a silver lining, right at the end of the ruling:
"The Respondent is 65 years old and has indicated that he does not intend to return to the investment industry."
Which makes Canadian capital markets just that little bit cleaner going forward.


Being wrong about stocks, Arizona Mining ( edition

It happens all the time, part of the playing field, name of the game. If you're like me and dumb enough to have an opinion on a wide range of stocks and traded vehicles, especially in the wild world of junior mining, you're going to get your rear end handed to you on a platter on a regular basis

The latest edition of this round these parts is Arizona Mining (, a stock I laid into a while ago for a couple of reasons. They included a) Mn issues showing up in the conc, b) permitting issues and social risk, c) the way they planned to cram all their mine infrastructure on the small footprint of patented land they have instead of admitting they have a space problem. The thing is, South32 disagreed with me, bought into the stock and then early this week made a friendly $6.20 bid for the shares. That means the stock has doubled from the point I got mouthy about it and no matter what I think about its future potential or the sagacity of South32's decision to buy out the company, I got this one wrong. Period. 

Which means of course that when a mouthy git like me puts in a bad call, the mails start flowing and yup, I've had a few on this one. I particularly liked the one from Garrett Goggin, who decided to drunk-mail me and call me a jackass. Yes folks, the very same Garrett Goggin that has had his holy ass handed back to him all year on his failed crypto calls, but that's beside the point. I think. Also the ones that demand I apologize to the world are great because....are you guys freakin' joking? Did I tell you to short the thing? No. Did I short it? No. Did I lose any money? Not a bean. Did you take the word of a mouthy blogger as Bible? Are you responsible for your own trades? Etc. This blog isn't The IKN Weekly, where I get the serious work done and call my trades for all to see, if I screw up there (and it happens) subbers get a full autopsy on what went wrong. My bad call on isn't some sort of anomaly either, I've been wrong so many times I lose count but recent ones like Red Eagle, Lithium X, Starcore and Focus Ventures come straight off the top of my head without even checking any lists. is another wrong call, I'll live with it because I know for a fact I get way more right than I do wrong (you don't get to write a report that a whole bunch of people pay good money to read for coming on for a decade without a decent strike rate, you go out of business). This is junior mining folks, if your strike rate is better than mine, I doff my cap. If it's 100% you're a liar.

However, there is one thing I need to say (and it's really why this post exists), that's to heartily and sincerely congratulate Richard Warke for his success at AZ. Not only was he right, but in the midst of my criticizing period against his company he took time to make contact, put his point of view and arguments across and all while being very civil and gentlemanly. Full applause for you, sir, spend your winnings well. The rest of you, keep tuning into IKN for more screw-ups and bad stocks calls, this won't be the last one.

What Marin Katusa isn't telling you about Lucara Diamond Corp (

As the pump on Lucara Diamond Corp (, headed up by the single worst BS artist in Vancouver, gathers speed it's time to peel back the curtain and explain just why LUC is so keen on getting you to love this whole "Disrupt Diamonds Blockchain Wonderlove thing" (that will never work, as previously explained). Because the real reason these Canadian mining types want the stock price higher right now and are so desperate that they'll call up Katusa and his cohorts of Crap to do so isn't anything to do with a brave new crypto world. It's all about their Karowe mine.

Karowe is the main asset at LUC (and will remain that way, blockchain revolution or not), but the problem is that it now needs a SLOM* in order to remain in production. We're now at the point at which LUC needs to sink a VERY deep shaft in order to continue mining profitably and we're talking many many millions of dollars to do that.

Why so? IKN explains. Those of you who have visited Karowe will know that the open pit mine life has always been relatively short, even though the original pit was cut into basalt and had pitwall angles of around 60°. You'd normally think that under the circumstances of such competent host rock, they'd be able to avoid the mega-expense of a shaft and simply push back on the pit in order to extend open pit mine life. Sadly, that's not the case because as the open pit model matures the country rock has become sandstone, cannot support such a sharp angle and was flared out to around 40°. But then it gets even worse, because in the last couple of years of the open pit mine plan the pitwall moves into mudstone and the stability angle drops to a prohibitive 20°. That means it gets way too expense to cut back and the only way forward is to go underground, sink that shaft and go block caving. But even then, there's a serious geological issue at Karowe because normal block caving requires a competent host rock around your kimberlite pipe. LUC doesn't have that, it has sloppy mudstone all the way down so even after they raise a SLOM* from you retail monkeys currently buying into this pumpo, success is far from guaranteed.

But into this Clara thing...Marin told you it gonna be yuuuge so what could possibly go wrong?

Hey, I wonder if Katusa gets on the LUC President's List when that upcoming massive equity raise happens?

*Shit Load Of Money


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN473 has just been sent to subscribers, one day later than normal but that was already flagged. The main event, a site visit report.

The Marin Katusa Lucara Diamond ( pumpjob

If you haven't worked out by now that the latest BS pumpjob from that serial destroyer of retail value, Marin "Never Reco'd A Bad Stock" Katusa" is Lucara Diamonds (, you're not paying attention. Below find a segment from IKN472, dated July 10th 2018 (i.e. eight days ago). Since these words LUC is already up 12%, so readers of this who decided to get in front of the dumb money that has started to move in already are doing nicely. Why Eira Thomas has dirtied herself by getting involved with Vancouver's worst two-faced front-running slimeball is anyone's guess, but mine is that LUC must be pretty desperate on this Hail Mary.

Anyway, read what subscribers to The IKN Weekly read eight days ago.


Lucara Diamonds ( to be pumped this Wednesday

Today Sunday morning, reader “E” sent over a promo mail he received from the John Mauldin company “Mauldin Economics” that previews a register-to-watch interview between John Mauldin and Marin Katusa (a name known by to readers here, I am sure).

After the normal type of “Wow look success success!!! you want to be a success too, right?” opening we get to the reason for the mail, it’s a pump job for a mystery stock. Here’s the relevant part of the script:

I’ve been asking Marin to sit for an interview for Mauldin Economics readers for months… and I finally have him pinned down.

He’s agreed to share with you a description of his investment process and his unique approach to research, which has been critical to his success.

And he’ll discuss what he believes is the most promising investment opportunity he has ever seen. It’s a mining company unlike any you’ve ever heard of…

This is not a pie-in-the-sky speculation, by the way. This miner has one of the highest profit margins of any mine in the world. And their revolutionary use of modern technology is about to change the sector—forever.

If you are interested in the resource sector, you’ll want to listen in on my conversation with Marin You can register to see the interview here.

I’ll release the video of our discussion on Wednesday morning at 10 am ET. It will be available for you to watch for 48 hours—until Friday at 10 am ET—after which, I’ll have to pull it down.

I wish I could give you more time, but Marin insists that his new opportunity is time sensitive. So please, take a moment to register for our discussion. You can sign up here. 

You’re given a link too, which is here (17) if you care enough. Anyway, to cut to the chase the stock Katusa is going to pump to a bunch of unsophisticated retail investors who would have just had a large portion of sequins thrown in their eyes by that time is Lucara Diamonds (, so if you feel like getting in front of this pump job then be my guest. I won’t be doing so personally though, I’ll be on the road, pointing at rocks and getting bitten by very small flying insects. As this 12 month chart shows, 1) LUC has been in share price trouble for quite a while 2) there are vested interests trying hard to keep it above the C$2.00 line (margin calls would send it lower if that were broken, I hear) and 3) the last time Katusa pumped is circled in red. Note the speed of the price spike and how it created a liquidity event for some or other holder to exit.

Which means that if you get in front of this pumpjob, I recommend that you’re nimble with your trade. As I’m on the road that’s going to be impossible for me. Thanks for the heads up, reader “E”.

For more on this phantom "game changing" technology that is pure smoke and mirrors, see the IKN post dated March 27th. One of the most popular posts of the year on the blog so far that covered the original Katusa pump on this company. That pump failed and this one will, too.

Quiet on the blog today, as well

But not for secret reasons, after getting back from the trip in the wee small hours I need to write up the visit to Wesdome and get the Weekly out this evening. Enjoy your market day and the World Cup (I get to watch matches as from mañana), normal service will resume here as from tomorrow.