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Two months of Continental Gold (

After the wholly avoidable deaths of three of its employees we have had zero resignations at C-Suite level and zero admission of responsibility from company:

As a reminder, here's what a well known mining CEO told your humble scribe on October 9th:

TITLE: The decent thing to do...

BODY: ...after a series of sad and terrible incidents such as this, is to resign the entire CNL Executive Team and a large part of the Board regardless of fault, implied or real. If not, the fact that the same senior management team remains, will lead inevitably to a decay in morale, beleaguered performance and a loss of confidence. The Company needs to pay its respects then start afresh.

True then, true now. Tape truth.

Chart of the day is...

...copper, hourlies:

And this is just on a rumour of a whisper of a draft deal to end this stupid trade war thing. Imagine the rally when it really is all over.

The Friday OT: JS Bach, BWV 974 Adagio

For those of you who get antibodies about the whole idea of long chunks of classical music, try this. A four minute part of a JS Bach concerto which he originally wrote for the oboe but adapted for keyboard. Back then that almost certainly meant harpsichord and there's a whole JS Bach fundamentalist movement who will tell you that Bach on a piano isn't correct, but I don't care a jot. This is a morsel of beauty and I defy anyone to turn their nose up.

It also sums my week up perfectly. Youtube here.


Wesdome Gold ( is conducting a site visit to its Kiena re-start project today, and...

...I get the feeling the guests are impressed.

And that they have been allowed to use their phones on site.

Disclosure: Yeah I own a few of these. Not selling into this pop, either.

Another NFTRH update mail

Another great e-mail update this morning from Gary Tanashian and his NFTRH service. It really is excellent.

Aldebaran (ALDE.v) opens for trading tomorrow Friday

It's taken a while to get the deal done to the satisfaction of the nitpicking assholes diligent office staff of the Canadian regulatory authorities (I mean, why go after scam pump pushers and blatant offshore insider traders when you can bother a serious company run by some of the highest quality people on your capital market?), but the Regulus (REG.v) spin-out, Aldebaran Resources (ALDE.v), has its IPO and starts trading tomorrow Friday.

Those interested in the stock would be well advised to watch on the sidelines as the market is formed before making any trade decision. It's likely to have some wild fluctuations in both directions until it finds its level.


No posts on IKN today

For secret reasons. Back tomorrow.


Guyana Goldfields ( 3q18

This morning, this:

"2018 gold production guidance revised downward to 150,000-155,000 ounces as grades have not rebounded as quickly as anticipated in the fourth quarter"

Also this, which looks particularly nasty:
"The Company has initiated a review of the underlying resource model.  The Company has engaged RPA Inc., an independent firm of engineers and geologists, to assist in the investigation of the geologic controls and grade variability of the deposit.  The Company expects the results from this review to be incorporated in the 2019 guidance and annual reserve and resource update to be disclosed in the first quarter of 2019."

On reading the NR, your humble scribe:

The market open:

Now halted. Circuit breaker. Quite right, too.

Congratulations, Daniela Cambone

On making it to 10 years at Kitco. Have a drink on us.

Chart of the day is...

...the US Dollar index (USD), dailies:

King Dollar strutting as the bonds market suddenly becomes the sexiest game in town. And the rest is noise.


Angry Geologist does Garibaldi (GGI.v)

Go for TAG on GGI, stay for the comments section. A total hoot, right here.

Advance Gold (AAX.v): Every junior NR should be as entertaining as this

Click through here to read what a NR looks like when:

  • Your drill program has hit pure dusters
  • You need to say something positive to bluster in front of the idiots who fell for your spiel
  • You have the linguistic abilities of a 14 year old
  • You are too dumb to get somebody else to edit your draft

No wait, on second thoughts it's too good not to paste up right here. Therefore IKN proudly presents the purple prose of Allan Barry Laboucan, living proof that David Dunning and Justin Kruger knew what they were talking about.
Advance Hits Over 30 Epithermal Vein Intersections

Vancouver, British Columbia, Oct 29, 2018 (Newsfile Corp via COMTEX) -- Advance Gold Corp. (AAX) ("Advance Gold" or "the Company") reports on the completion of three drill holes in the phase 2 drilling program at the Tabasquena Silver Mine, near Ojocaliente, Mexico. In an area covering around 125 metres along strike, and 200 metres wide, 7 holes have hit a cluster of over 30 epithermal vein intersections.
In the phase 2 drilling, only anomalous gold and silver were found in assays of 53 core samples, even though significantly more quartz is present and also amethyst. Not only is there an increase in the quartz in the veins, the amethyst is important as it is found in the epithermal veins mined in the Veta Grande trend.
In addition to increasing quartz in the veins, the quartz is also present in the country rock, andesite, near veins. Other signs of a large geological system, is that in hole 7, along with a cluster of veins, there was a 150 metre intersection of highly silicified andesite.
Allan Barry Laboucan, President and CEO of Advance Gold Corp. commented: "We have moved the Tabasquena project forward significantly in our first 7 holes finding a cluster of nearly 30 epithermal vein intersections. Not far from us is Fresnillo, Mexico, and right beside the city is a cluster of approximately 20 epithermal veins that were mined for over 500 years. We are in one of the most of important silver and gold districts in the world and have found a cluster of epithermal veins in a small area.
"Our exploration team is very excited about our holes into a cluster of epithermal veins during phase 2 drilling with roughly 30 epithermal vein intersections. We only saw anomalous gold in the phase 2 core samples, zonation of grade vertically and horizontally in epithermal veins is common, we are still just under the oxide zone by around 125 metres with our deepest drill holes.
"One of the blind veins discovered in phase 2 drilling is the Dakota vein, we hit a 17 metre intersection, it was a discovery made by drilling through a known vein, we continued to see quartz in the country rock, so kept drilling and hit the Dakota vein. It has a significant amount of quartz and amethyst. Another vein discovered was a 10 metre intersection with significant quartz. One of the smallest veins, 0.70 of a metre was over 90% quartz.
"We know that the geological system at the Tabasquena vein cluster has high-grade precious metals from historical mining by Penoles and our own drilling. The thickness of the veins close to surface, the amount of veins in a small area, the quartz in the veins and in the country rock, the thick zone of highly silicified andesite, are all indications that we are chasing a large geological system. We still have more drilling to do in order to understand the grade zonation along strike and at depth, but with a large cluster of epithermal vein intersections to test, we are off to a great start. Looking forward, phase 3 drilling should be a series of holes that drill down 500-700 metres deep to get into the guts of the precious metals horizon in our cluster of veins.
The Tabasquena project has exceptional infrastructure with paved road access, power lines going through the claims and is located in the Veta Grande trend, it can be drilled year round and is a low cost exploration project."
Pictures of key intersections, the table of assays for phase 2 drilling, cross sections and a plan map can be found with this news release on the Advance Gold website and in the Tabasquena project section as well.
Julio Pinto Linares, PGeo, is the qualified person responsible for this release and has supervised the preparation, and approved the preparation of the scientific and technical disclosure contained within the release.
About Advance Gold Corp. (AAX)

Catching up with Prize Mining (PRZ.v)

So let's get this straight:
  • The stock immediately goes on a volume-fest tear and doubles in value in just three days, then proceeds to drop straight back to where it was in the same amount of time...

...and you're telling me that this isn't a Vancouver BS scam pump and dump stock? If so, all I have to say is "anatidae".

Goldcorpse news! (GG) (

Out just now:

I'm sorry? Growth? Did you just say "growth"?

UPDATE: Reader 'M' writes in to congratulate Goldcorpse; "It is a reward for reducing the amount of polluting gold ounces it produces."

That's a win.

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN492 has just been sent to subscribers. A different edition and something we rarely do; concentrate on a major.