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The Friday OT: Soda Stereo; No existes

Last one of the year:

Youtube here. My current earworm band and on this one, Cerati really gets his pipes working. Thus ends 2018, a year to put well behind me. Hasta nunca y vete a la mierda.

Prize Mining (PRZ.v) falls apart

Check out tonight's NR from Prize Mining (PRZ.v), the scam pump stock called as such by this humble corner of cyberspace on several occasions, the very same that spent multi-millions on a newsletter promo pump campaign and spread its cash among the self-appointed great and good of Vancouver mining commentary.
VANCOUVER, Dec. 27, 2018 /CNW/ - PRIZE MINING CORPORATION ("Prize" or the "Company") (TSXV:PRZ) (OTCQB:PRZFF) (MQSP:GR:FRANKFURT) announces that the Company has appointed Mr. Dallas Pretty, B.Comm., CA to the Company's Board of Directors.  The Company is also announcing the resignations of David Schmidt and Robert Archer from the Company's Board of Directors and the resignation of Feisal Somji as Executive Chairman and Director of the Company's Board of Directors.

So, just the three directors resigned, is it?

UPDATE: Interestingly, that link is now broken. Last minute changes on the way? Schmidt suddenly entrenching? We shall see.

Vaughan, the worst two-faced sneak thief on CEOca

Pretty hilarious your rush to judgment on the CEOca "private hotpick channel", Vaughan. All completely untrue, unfounded and invented, but that's never stopped you from spouting lies and BSsing the world before, has it? Sociopaths like you, capable of doing and saying anything for money, are a disgrace to the mining industry but unfortunately as you know well, you are not alone. It's why you're at CEOca in the first place, birds of a feather and all that.

There is VERY good reason why IKN hasn't made any comment so far. Worms like you will be the last to know.


Linking you to two interesting posts at better blogs than IKN

Just in case you haven't seen these already. I'm late to them myself, what with all the eggnog and figgy pudding. But well worth a (second) look.

Here's Angry Geologist, who sharpens her pencil on the latest numbers out of SolGold (SOLG.L) and Cascabel.

Here's Mining Ramblings, who does his ciggypack thing on the latest numbers out of Novo Resources (NVO.v)


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