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That Stockwatch piece on Palisade

We are of course referred to the note published on January 2nd as Part One of a three part series "Three promoters under 30". The main focus is Collin Kettell, who with his father is the majority owner of Palisade Global. This humble corner of cyberspace has been sent the note on several occasions by kind readers (I thank you all) but didn't really want to start re-printing large swathes of it because it's prop. mat. with most of it behind a paywall. However, it's very good indeed (if you haven't read it, please go over) and now that a few days have passed, I'm going to offer up just one of the segments because it has its own story to tell:

"Palisade has been hired for IR services by at least two dozen Canadian public companies. In 2013 it was charging $5,000 a month for its services, but now it is charging more than $15,000 a month. Palisade also has an investment portfolio that Collin estimates is worth about $50-million, and sounds like the miracle of loaves and fishes.
"It is a testament to Collin Kettell's and Mr. Zubick's negotiation skills that Palisade has been able to raise its IR fees over the years, despite not having a solid stock market success of which to boast."

The Stockwatch piece then goes on to list a whole bunch of apparent stock price failures, all of which decided to hire Palisade to help in their marketing. They nearly all have the same type of trade pattern too, suddenly lifting off on volume just after Palisade gets the job, then selling takes all the gains away and more.

So tell me, what sort of company would be happy to pay in order to hire a marketing company that can only manage to move your stock for a very limited amount of time before heavy selling kicks in? And what sort of company would be happy to pay $15,000 instead of merely $5,000 per month, knowing full well of the Palisade success rate by that time?