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The BCSC is not the solution for Canada's capital markets, it is part of the problem

We're back on the BridgeMark Group case, in which a whole bunch of scallywags and scoundrels have finally been collared for their nefarious activities. Of course it was first announced as a thing by the BCSC but as we subsequently learned, if it weren't for the US SEC getting on the BCSC's tush and telling them to to something about the single most corrupt capital market of all industrialized nations (or else), there would have been nothing. On pain of death, The BCSC has been dragged kicking and screaming by the US SEC into doing its job for the first time in forever and further to that line, today we have this news report (forwarded to IKN by the intrepid and highly esteemed tweeter IvanaBoastsky) which beggars belief. Your headline:
Convicted fraud artist at centre of crypto, cannabis shares scheme 
Aly Babu Mawji was jailed in Germany for a massive pump-and-dump scheme, but has returned to B.C.’s capital markets to allegedly help orchestrate another stock fraud operation

It turns out that one of the BridgeMark Group members, one Aly Babu Mawji, was convicted for serious securities fraud in another country and served significant jailtime, but met with zero problems when he decided to move back to his country of residence Canada and go for repeat performances on its stock market afterward. An extract:
When asked how it is possible for any person to commit securities fraud in Europe and subsequently engage in the B.C. market, the commission continued to state that it “does not discuss details of ongoing enforcement actions,” thus offering no assurances there was cross-jurisdictional regulatory and enforcement oversight in this instance.
Mawji also now stands accused by the BCSC of being one of the more prominent players in a scheme involving BridgeMark, based on the volume of shares he purchased.

The BCSC should hang its head in shame. These people are facilitating massive fraud by their non-action (while making all sorts of fuss if a mining company commits the heinous crime of writing "ore" instead of "mineral"). Perhaps the people who run the lamest regulatory body in the world should stop frequenting the same country clubs and golf courses as the scumbag millionaires...