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A tailings spill at the Southern Copper (SCCO) Cuajone mine in Moquegua, Peru

This Sunday morning, Peru's environmental authority OEFA is reporting a tailings spillage at the Cuajone copper mine, owned by Southern Copper (SCCO) in the Moquegua region of Peru. It's likely connected to the very heavy rainfall that the region has experienced over the last few days, that's been above and beyond even the normal levels during the normal rainy season. The spill seems to have originated at one of the run-off tunnels (no dams collapsing here, it would seem), but it has been classified as an "environmental emergency". More details as and when.

UPDATE: OEFA also now reports "a green solution" emanating from one of the Cuajone waste dumps since Friday, with the likely cause connected with the extreme weather conditions suffered in the region recently