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Barrick runs at Newmont

I've just been through the Barrick presentation deck (on this link) before the Conference Call starts. The "capturing the missing billions" hook is a good one. 

I don't mind admitting that I thought Bristow's opening on NEM last week were some kind of ruse. Don't mind admitting I was wrong, either. Let's see what NEM comes back with, as their principle task is now to defend and justify the Goldcorpse merger. GG's share price and its spread with NEM, that will be the barometer to tell you which way the market sentiment is leaning. And as pointed out to me on Twitter this morning, BlackRock is going to be an active part of this what with that house's holding in Barrick (4.3%), Newmont (14.9%) and Goldcorpse (7.2%).