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Bloomberg: "Acid Spill on Vehicles Near Glencore Mine Kills 18 People"

Even by the standards of accidents and stories of mortality that are an unfortunate but unavoidable part of the mining sector, this report is particularly horrible. Presented with no further comment, full report here (and we can expect updates on that link).

At least 18 people died when a truck transporting sulphuric acid to a mine owned by Glencore Plc in the Democratic Republic of Congo crashed and spilled its contents onto two vehicles, a provincial health minister said.
The tanker was heading to the Mutanda Mine, a copper and cobalt operation near Kolwezi in the southeast of the country, Lualaba province Health Minister Samy Kayombo Mukanza said. Nine people are also injured, he said.
“The acid was sprayed over people and vehicles,” Jean-Marie Tshizainga, mines minister for the province, said.