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Dear Superior Gold (SGI.v): Buy a freakin' dictionary

The last time we heard from Superior Gold (SGI.v) was on February 5th when they announced their 4q18 production numbers. During that NR they also wrote this:
"The Company will announce its full year production and cost guidance by mid-February"
Mid-February. As in "Mid". As in "middle". As in twenty-eight divided by two equals fourteen. You don't make the exact mid-point well fine, but today is the 22nd day of 28, we still haven't heard anything from you and unless you're about to spring a nasty post-Friday-close NR on us, we're now staring Monday February 25th in the face. If you hadn't dicked us around before we'd be more forgiving, but the constant mushroom politics we get from you guys is freakin' annoying.

Buy a dictionary. Learn what words mean. Use them properly. Treat your shareholders with more respect. Assholes.