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Even better on the Brumadinho tailings dam collapse

Here's how the person who alerted me to the blog "World Mine Tailings Failures" explained the site and the work done on the recent Feijao/Brumadinho tailings dam disaster, which has almost certainly claimed more than 300 lives and left an environmental mess of titanic proportions:

"The website in general is a fantastic source of information on TSF failures. Lindsay Knowles Bowker is the nucleus of a world of experts on the topic. She has been the central source of info for articles in WSJ, NYT, Economist, etc"

Go here for the page, where the free PDF download on Feijao/Brumadinho is available. It includes a translation and analysis of the important safety report emitted before the collapse. Fair to say that this report is as definitive as they come, the compilers are also the people consulted by major media channels for their reports.