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Your 2019 PDAC Bingo Card

Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen, to IKN's lovingly-created contribution to the main mining bunfight of the year. Indeed and indeedy you are right, it's time for The IKN PDAC Bingo Card. Here come your easy-to-follow instructions:

1) Print off your copy
2) Walk around PDAC next week and when you overhear one of the phrases, cross it off.
3) As soon as you fill your card, send it in to IKN Nerve Centre for your fabulous prize*.

And once again, we are happy to inform that in the same style as 2018, Mike Power and the team at Silver Range Resources (SNG.v) are going to print off a bunch of bingo cards and run their own competition using them (which involves a top prize of something tasty with a cork stopper bottle, so the rumour goes). Find SNG at booth number 3124.

So without further ado, here's the 2019 edition of PDAC Bingo:

Have at it, begad!

*A signed copy of Mark Bristow's ego.