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CoatGate! Jerry Twocoats Huang responds

Here, on CEOca (where else?, birds of a feather etc). IKN strongly advises you to go and read Jerry Twocoats' side of the story. Once you do and have digested his version, consider this; In order to believe his excuses you need to believe the following line items:
  • His taking of the coat, according to the investigators to be deliberately done when the coat-check person was not looking, was done innocently while already in possession of a second coat.
  • He did not realize he was leaving the restaurant with two coats (and frankly, you can forget all other items on this list. Leaving with the wrong coat is one thing, leaving with two quite another).
  • His claim that there were only business cards in the pockets the next morning, even though the owner of the coat reported several extra items including his PDAC name badge in the pockets.
  • That he has so little respect for the possessions of others that he is capable of "forgetting" he has somebody else's coat in his hotel room. For two days. In a sub-zero Toronto.
  • That even though he took the coat in Toronto, he thought it best to return it in Vancouver. What's more, both the owner of the coat and the company at which he works are in Toronto (and let us not forget, Huang had those business cards in the coat pockets).
  • That he kept quiet about having the coat right up to the moment when investigators contacted him through simple innocence and bad timing. By this time he is at home in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, in order to believe he simply stole the coat you need to believe the following:

Put bluntly, if you are capable of swallow the story spun by Jerry Twocoats Huang whole, this humble corner of cyberspace strongly suggests you never invest in the junior mining sector because you will die poor.