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What Adrian Day thinks of Ian Telfer's bonus payment scheme

Excerpted from the latest edition of "Adrian Day's Global Analyst", dated March 9th (edition 720) and following on from the news, as seen on these humble pages a couple of days ago, that Telfer has unilaterally tripled his change of control payment in light of the Newmont takeover:

"To triple Telfer’s payment right before the acquisition is one slap in the face too many, an insult to shareholders. We intend to vote against the merger with Newmont if this payment is not rescinded. We have no voice in these payments, so this is our only way to make our position clear."

Well said, Adrian Day. We only hope that more Goldcorpse shareholders will join his cause and make it clear to these self-serving toerags that unless this graft is withdrawn, they don't get the votes.