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Catching up with Garibaldi Resources (GGI.v)

Remember these jokers? The ones that used Palisade to successfully separate Eric Sprott from a portion of his net wealth? It's been a while, so let's recall a couple of the most recent messages from GGI about its 2018 drill campaign. 

Assay results for 10 drill holes from this year's program have been reported by the Company and complete results are pending for an additional 22 holes which will be released in batches as soon as they are received, reviewed and interpreted.
And on reporting a few of those 22 (in which there was nothing special, as that price chart indicates), this from February 21st, 2019:
Assay results for the final 13 holes of the 2018 program (EL-18-34 through EL-18-46) are pending and will be released when received, reviewed and interpreted.
I can only assume the assay results were delivered to GGI in Swahili and they're having serious trouble with their interpreter. Impressively, that Feb 21st NR is the last thing we've heard from GGI, not a sausage for the last six weeks and counting. Anyone like to guess why GGI has sat on the results of 13 holes for at least 124 days (and counting)? What's that one about good news travelling quickly?