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Argentina's upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the "Glacier Law" (from IKN522)

Ready for the next piece of left-field BananaRepublicanism from South America's finest basket case? Here's what readers of The IKN Weekly saw on Sunday evening as part of IKN522;

Argentina: Eyes on the Glacier Law
This report (12) from Argentina’s biggest circulation daily, Clarín, provided an update of the process of the appeal against the so-called “Glacier Law” and notes that at least three and probably four of the five judges sitting at the country’s highest court of law have apparently made their preliminary decision on whether to uphold the constitutionality of the law. According to sources quoted by the journalist, the preliminary decisions of the judges are to accept the law as stands as constitutional and with just one (or two) judges left to opine, we’re now likely to get a decision before the court goes into recess in July.

The appeal against the law has been going on since 2011 and while complicated (these things are never black and white), the bottom line is that if the Supreme Court upholds the law as constitutional, it will adversely affect up to 40 mining operations and projects located in the high Andean regions of Argentina, along the country border with Chile. If upheld and depending on the project, the law would be something between a headache and a full-on project killer.

Seriously, just avoid this country.